While we absolutely adore doing weddings and corporate events…last year we had sooooo much fun assisting in the one of the biggest milestones in any family’s life… the first birthday!  We met Ashley through our membership with the Alamance Chamber at a breakfast before hours meeting.  We quickly begin searching locations that wouldn’t break the bank because we know their house would host the number of guests attending. 

After securing the Coleman Barn for the festivities we started looking into catering companies, entertainment and of course decorations.  Creating a “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” themed birthday parties for Natalie was a personal highlight of my summer.  Seeing this bundle of joy (super happy baby) attend our monthly planning meetings brightened my day.  We got to watch her grow up throughout her first year.

Traditionally the first birthday party is really for the parents who survive saying “we
did it… we made it through the first year and she survived….lol” wasn’t really the case for this little angel.  But that didn’t mean the parents didn’t celebrate.  We had a fabulous catered meal by Dickie Do’s and an open bar to cheers to all of the great memories thus far.  They shared stories, laughed, opened gifts and spent time with out of town family.

One of the memories that stood out to us that day…was when her dad carried down the walkway to go and look at the water that we’ve sent several brides down on their wedding day…I paused and said “wouldn’t it be amazing if this place was still open and we can hold her wedding here in 30 years when they let her start dating….”