Dancing has been the number one activity guests can do during the reception, but what if most of your guests don’t like to dance? After the cake cutting, they say their goodbyes and head home or to a bar for more entertainment. Here are a few ideas for you to have at your wedding to keep your guests moving and having fun.

Guess who: create personalized boards featuring your wedding guests. Place a mini set on each table. One board being the bride’s side of the family and friends and the other board being the grooms side of the family and friends. This will get the guests talking and learning about the other side of the family in no time.

Giant Jenga: Another great way to get guests out of their seats. You can also have each guest who plays write advice for you and your spouse on the blocks. 

Cornhole: Can be easily personalized and a great way to get people out of their seats.  Great for those outdoor summer weddings coming up!

Over sized Board Games: This can be anything from Connect 4, checkers, chest, scrabble, etc. They can be rented and most of your guests will know how to play! 

The Kissing Game: Here are the rules “ To make the married couple kiss You’ll have to take a chance. Do you enjoy a game of risk, For making some romance? Head on up to see the couple And take a paper slip. Perform the deed that’s written there, To see the two lock lips. Think you’ll pass? That’s okay! Just take a seat, we’ve got all day!” Sounds cute, huh? Give it a try! 

There are lots more games that can be played and plenty of activities for your guests to enjoy. Let us help you pick the perfect one for your wedding! 
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