Over the course of this internship I have learned a lot about this industry and what it takes to be a successful business owner and wedding coordinator. The staff at Knot Your Average Events have  been great with not only answering my questions, but also guiding me by demonstrating various tasks that are important to know in this industry. Many people think this is all fun and games, while it definitely is fun, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to ensure an event runs smoothly!

1. Something will Go Wrong!

No matter how many precautions you take or how much you plan, sometimes things won’t always go as planned. It is all in how you handle the situation that will determine the outcome of your event. It’s important to assess the situation and then take the necessary steps to correct the issue.

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2. Have An Emergency Kit
This will help when things do go off-course! having an emergency kit, or several, will allow you to be more prepared in case something does happen. Weddings, and events in general, are organized chaos and things do happen, but if you your handy dandy kit, you’ll feel less stressed and more equipped to handle any situation!

3. Always Ask The Venue If Outside Caterers Are Allowed.

Sometimes venues have partnered with specific caterers, no kitchen or have an onsite caterer that they use, so it’s important to ask that way you’ll know what your next move should be.

4. Always bring a change of clothes!  You never know what will happen!  Always have several comfortable pairs of shoes to change throughout the day.

5. Wedding and Event days are LONG!!! Pack snacks, lots of beverages and get plenty of rest the day before!

6.  Make sure to stay FOCUSED!  As staff we are there to ensure the guest’s experience so we need to be “PRESENT” at all times… not hiding in the back, playing on our phone or talking amongst our other co-workers.  Someone is always watching you so always be positive and be ready to assist when needed

7. Listen to what your client’s needs and wants are… and be patient when they change a million times (LOL)

8. Get to know your vendors.  These are people you will most likely work with over and over again so take the time to learn their names, who they are and what they offer.  Referrals are the key to success in the event industry!  It’s all WHO you KNOW!

9. Be prepared!  Arrive EARLY and be prepared to stay LATE.

10. HAVE FUN!!! This is probably the most important thing of all.. if you are having fun you know the guests and your clients are too!  SMILES ARE Contagious!

Written by Raven our Summer Intern~