All in all it was the simplicity of her day that made it special for me! She didn’t need super fancy she just wanted a good celebration for her family and friends. The design were so beautiful and you can tell that she really appreciates beautiful structure. She let the venue speak for itself. Grandover is so beautiful! The upkeep of the venue is superb. With her added design made the room come to life. It looked like something out of a magazine and I was just happy to be apart of it all.

I was worried about the rain for her but we were prepared with a back up plan if it were to happen. Thank god that it didn’t and she had her dream ceremony. A cute concept that they decided to do as a couple is include their dog. The dog was adorable and promptly walked down the isle when it was time. Attached to the collar were beads to show the unity of their family. Super cute and something I would do if I had a pet baby in my family as well. 
I love the bride and her family they were fun and very entertaining all day and night long! I hope they have a amazing future together! I look forward to more family functions with them. Once you attend a special moment in someones life you feel more like family then just a planner. That the magic you get a chance to feel in all the events big or small. So thank you to the bride and groom for allowing me a glimpse into their future. May it be bright! No matter rain or shine!