Have you ever heard of the term…”lady in waiting?”  You’ve got all the details planned for the day, but do you have someone taking care of you personally?  A KYAE Lady in Waiting would be your personal assistant for the day.  They would arrive whenever you begin your hair and make-up to assist you in unloading your vehicle.  Our LiW KYAE staff member will greet you with your favorite Starbucks beverage to start your day off right!

After attending several conferences this winter and speaking with other planners we are now going to be adding this service to our guest experience.  This person truly assists you all day so that your event manager can focus on handling all of the vendors and the design aspects of your wedding.  (Plus you never have to wait for someone to go find the planner/coordinator.)

They will coordinate the arrival of any lunch/snacks with your family, friends or vendors to whom you’ve contracted to bring any deliveries during the day. 

They will make sure your make-up artist and hair stylist teams remain on schedule to insure you and your wedding party are ready for pre-ceremony photos. 

They will set up any detail shots with the photographer and videographer of you dress, shoes, veil, and other personal items. 

They will then assist you in dressing area as needed.

They will be with you during all pre-ceremony photos keeping a list and check on making sure all of your shots are captured.

They will place you in hiding prior to ceremony or travel with you as needed making sure to avoid as many family/friends prior to the ceremony to all you to pray, be with your parents and wedding party only or make a quick dash to the restroom.

They will assist in carrying your veil and train as you make your way to the entrance of the ceremony location to avoid it from being dragged on the ground.

After the ceremony they will remain with you throughout formal photos making sure to hold on to your lip gloss and beverage of choice (our KYAE is known for bringing snacks and drinks to the wedding party after the ceremony).

Your LiW will assist you with any restroom breaks throughout the evening and will also assist in bustling your dress prior to your reception entrance.

Our KYAE team will be bringing you any meals that are not pre-plated by the catering staff…this way you can spend more time with family and friends.  Your LiW will also work with the catering team to pack up some late night snacks (should you provide Tupperware containers).
The best part is you can give your LiW your cell phone during the day to capture the day for you.  She could take a few photos and videos for you to see  & post while on your honeymoon.

Your LiW will remain close by throughout the reception,

should you need a lip gloss touch up or request for something from your bridal suite.

She will also slip your garter on right before the garter toss without anyone even realizing it was missing.

As the evening comes to an end she will ensure to gather your toasting flutes & cake serving set.  Washing them prior to being packed away.  She will make sure your parents receive your bridal bouquet (if you haven’t thrown it away).

She will assist in any change of dress for your exit or throughout the evening. This way your event manager can be present with the vendors and guests at all times.

Since your LiW has been with you all day, she will know which items will need to be gathered and packed for the getaway car and which items will be heading with friends and family. 

Our KYAE will have already gathered any luggage and personal items that may need to be moved to your limo or ground transportation for your getaway but your LiW will be in charge of your purse and phone.

The last duty of your Lady in Waiting is she will clean the bridal suite and make sure no items were left behind. 

I bet you never realized how much you NEEDED a “Lady in Waiting”?  Again our goal is to create a full guest experience for each of your wedding party members, your parents, friends, family and especially YOU!  Allow us to be that quiet whisper behind the scenes just for you.  Reach out to us today to learn how you can add these services to your already amazing day!

(Photo Cred: Leah Marie Photography)