What could be described as a winter color scheme in the middle of June, was Nick and Anastasiya’s favorite color scheme: red, black, and white; turned out to have a second hail to Nick’s love for comics. Prior to the wedding I was told the groom had purchased a pair of “pearls” for each bride’s maid that were black and red, but that if you looked closely enough

you would notice they were little Deadpool masks; and later it would be noticed that many of the groom’s men were also wearing Deadpool attire, the most memorable: a pair of socks with Deadpool and tacos all over them. With such a fun color scheme it was sure to be an interesting night.

The venue, Carver Lake has a beautiful barn sitting atop a hill, that looks over a lake with a little alter facing the barn with the lake behind it. At the back of the barn there was a tent set up with a few tables and the buffet under it. Inside the barn was a small dance floor, several tables a cake table in the front right corner, the DJ was in the front left corner, and the bathrooms were in the left back corner. Just outside the barn doors to the right facing the water there was a photo booth, a bride’s maid built it for the couple with giant red flowers and a small table with props.
The couple were adamant that there would be no alcohol at the wedding, so during cocktail hour (after the ceremony) while the couple and their family took pictures the guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres, signing the guest book, putting their finger print on their “family tree,” and taking pictures with the photo booth. After the couple were announced to the guests, toasts and prayers over dinner were made and

tables were released one by one to the buffet. After all the guests made it though the line and had eaten their meals the couple enjoyed their first dance with each other, and then danced with their mothers. As the night came to a close the couple danced with guests, cut their cake,

and enjoyed their time with their guests. It began showing signs of severe weather, lightning was starting to glow across the sky guest began to leave and our team scrambles to get everything cleaned up before the rain started. Before the clouds opened on the reception we had the guests send the couple off with a fun bubble exit, and then loaded their cars to send them off!

*written by one of our summer interns