A picturesque wedding in a majestic castle, moat and all; was nothing short of perfect for the lovely pair of brides on the same day as the royal wedding.  Jeanna and Diana were married in Castle McCulloch, followed by a small cocktail hour, and a brunch reception.
The ceremony area was shared by the same room as the reception area, this was a large room with a set of stairs on the left side going up and around to one of the bride’s suites. This would be Jeanna’s grand entrance. The space was decorated with teal, navy, and cream linens and each place setting at the tables in the reception area had mermaid stones on them. The front row of seats in the ceremony space had a teal bow on each chair, showing that those seats were reserved. After a ceremony that brought tears to the whole audience’s (and some employees’) eyes the party was sent down stairs to the cocktail hour; where passed hors d’oeuvres were served along with several cocktail and non-alcoholic beverages. The wedding party took pictures in front of the castle, at the end of the bridge during cocktail hour with pretty umbrellas and rain drops sprinkling down from the tree tops. While all of this was going on the KYAE team was setting up the remainder of the tables, and the desert bar, moving chairs, and helping catering staff get the stationed brunch set up. In one corner there was a salad table, in the next corner a pancake, bacon, and sausage display. In the third corner an omelet station, where a catering member created a custom-made omelet for every visiting guest. On the adjacent wall there was a display of biscuits and gravy, grits, turkey and rolls; and on the final table were non-alcoholic beverages including coffee, sweet and unsweet tea, water and lemonade. All in all, a magnificent display of all kinds of different foods.
After everything was set up and perfect for the guests to come up, we directed guest up to the reception area with replenished drinks and to take their seats. After guests were settled into their seats it was time to introduce our newlyweds, they entered the room, and immediately had their first dance, and about half way though the rest of the room was invited to join them. Finally, everyone was ready to disperse and make their plates. Starting with Jeanna and Diana’s plates, whom a KYAE member made for them, and then each table being called up to go through one at a time, we kept the room moving, and hunger at bay. When everyone was done eating the couple cut their cake and had their best man and maid of honor do their speeches. Following cake and toasts, guests began to leave, and the KYAE staff, and catering team began to clean up. The party may have been over for us but it is just getting started for Jeanna and Diana. 

*written by one of our summer interns