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We are members of the Triad Bridal Association, Triad Weddings, Alamance Chamber, The Bridal Society, The Association of Bridal Consultants and North Carolina Wedding Planner’s Society… with that comes an incredible network across not on North Carolina but Worldwide!

Knot Your Average Creative Partners

Jennifer Ball has been at the forefront of the event scene since 1999, establishing a legacy of expertise and innovation. Over the years, we’ve cultivated a robust network, connecting with hundreds of Creative Partners and Venues to elevate your event experience.

When you choose Knot Your Average Events, you gain more than just a service—you become part of an exclusive community. Upon booking our services, you’ll unlock access to our curated list of preferred wedding professionals. These are tried-and-true experts who share our commitment to excellence, ensuring that every aspect of your celebration aligns seamlessly with your style, vision, and budget.

For those seeking a more hands-on approach, we offer personalized consultations at $125 per hour (minimum 3 hours). During these sessions, we provide you with a comprehensive list of wedding professionals and venues. This empowers you to research, explore, and choose the perfect partners for your special day, putting you in control of your unique wedding journey.

At Knot Your Average Events, our mission is to provide you not just with services but with a pathway to create an event that truly reflects your individuality. Jennifer’s two decades of experience serve as the foundation for a new era of event planning, where your vision is met with expertise, creativity, and a network of the finest professionals in the industry.

Prioritizing Safety in Your Celebrations

Ensuring the safety of you and your guests is paramount in today’s dynamic event landscape. At Knot Your Average Events, we’ve updated our policies to reflect this commitment, especially when it comes to catering and food preparation.

For events hosted outside your home or a church setting, we now mandate the engagement of licensed and insured professional catering & Bar services. This not only guarantees the culinary excellence of your reception but also ensures the safety of everyone involved. Professional catering companies are required to operate in commercially graded kitchens, a measure that aligns with our dedication to your well-being.  Bartending Companies should have proper permits, insurance, and we encourage they are certified in Alcohol Management/Awareness classes (RASP, TIPS or provided by the ALE).

It’s worth noting that many professional venues share this requirement or provide a preferred catering list. Even if your celebration takes place in a more intimate setting, like your home or a church, we strongly encourage the use of professional catering and bar services for not only safety reasons but for liability. This not only enhances the overall experience but allows you and your family to be true guests at your own celebration.

Additionally, we extend our safety recommendations to bakeries and suppliers of party favors. To maintain the highest standards, we encourage the baking, cooking, and preparation of these items in commercially graded, inspected, licensed, and insured kitchens.  Please note that individual airplane bottles can not be handed out as party favors, seating arrangements or in dessert items per NC ALE laws.

As of January 1, 2023 Knot Your Average Events REQUIRES at least 1 security officer per 100 guests if alcohol is being served.  We encourage security for all events hosting any form of alcohol again for safety and liability reasons.

Your safety is our priority, and at Knot Your Average Events, we embrace a #safetyfirst approach to crafting unforgettable celebrations. Explore the heightened safety measures we’ve implemented, and let’s ensure your event is both secure and extraordinary.

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