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Our Network….

We are members of the Triad Bridal Association, Triad Weddings, Alamance Chamber, The Bridal Society, The Association of Bridal Consultants and North Carolina Wedding Planner’s Society… with that comes an incredible network across not on North Carolina but Worldwide!

Knot Your Average Creative Partners

Jennifer Ball has been on the event scene since 1999. We’ve worked to create an incredible network including hundreds of Creative Partners and Venues for our clients to use. Once you book our services you will have access to our preferred wedding professionals list. Or you can pay for our consultations ($125 per hour min 3 hours) and we will give you a list of wedding professionals/venues for you to research for your special day to fit your style, vision & budget.


Please note unless you are hosting your reception in your home or at a church we required a licensed & insured professional catering company to provide any meals for your reception. We ask that they cook in a commercially graded kitchen for the safety of you and your guests. Also note most professional venues require this also or has a preferred catering list to choose from. (*even if you are hosting at home or church, we will still HIGHLY encourage you to use a professional catering company to allow you and your family to be guests) We also recommend bakeries or anyone supplying party favors to bake/cook/prepare in a commercially graded inspected, licensed and insured kitchen. #safteyfirst

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