Frequenly Asked Questions

What exactly do you do as a coordinator?

Everything no one else wants or likes to do!  Plan, Design, Budget Planning, Decorate the day of, set-up, tear-down, create schedules, timelines and layouts, direct the rehearsal, keep all the vendors on the “same team” during the event, work through any family disagreements throughout the planning and event all while giving lots of ideas and advice to make your event everything knot average!

How many hours does it typically take a professional to plan a wedding from start to finish (including travel, meetings, communication, planning, and day of event):

Month of Planning with Day of Event Management: 40+/- hours involved

Partial Planning Services including Day of Event Management: 70+/- hours involved

Full Service Planning including Day of Event Management: 313+/- hours involved

So take that number they are “charging” and divide it by the number of hours they are giving you: ?

 *That’s not including the blood, sweat and tears it took to get to that point they were confident enough to plan events for someone else.  That’s not including the liability they take on each and every event.  That’s not including all of the research and networking they’ve done to create the partnerships and learning about all of the possibilities to create the best chemistry and magic on your special day to create a memory in time.  That does not include all of the education they’ve taken on to be prepared for you special day for when situations arise; they’ll know how to handle them.  That doesn’t include all of the associations, organizations and conferences they are a part of or attend to keep up with the trends and latest ideas.  That doesn’t include the extras they are probably “throwing in” without you even knowing they’ve been working on the backend of your event late at night and early in the morning.  Not to mention all of those meetings lead up to them missing most weekends with their families to create memories for your family. 

It’s a Production… you probably wouldn’t enjoy a meal at a restaurant without a chef, or enjoy a movie without a director…much less a symphony without a conductor… so WHY wouldn’t you have someone guiding all along the way? The BEST Athletes have someone “coaching” them from DAY ONE!

Why should I book additional staff?

Additional staff will do all of your set-up so that your family, friends and wedding party can be with you while you are getting ready and will take care of the tear-down or strike after your event so that your parents and wedding party can rest after a long day.
Additional staff will also make sure restrooms are kept clean, can help park cars, direct traffic, greet your guests, and assist with any “flipping” of equipment or decorations if bad weather approaches.
We highly recommend having an extra set of hands on site for the duration of the event for any of the unforeseeable things that could come up.

My family’s friend is a wedding director or will my church director be enough?

Church directors are GREAT!!! If you are having only a traditional ceremony at a church and no big reception afterward.  They do a wonderful job lining everyone up prior to the ceremony and getting you to the front of the church.
However, you should have a full day of coordinator for your event who is not a family member or family friend.  Professionals will know how to handle major weather issues if vendors show up late or don’t show up, if a centerpiece breaks or if the cake falls….question is will the church director know how to handle all of those issues.
Also if its a family member or friend will they be okay in missing all the big moments because they will be behind the scenes and will not be able to “party” with the rest of the family.

Do I need a rehearsal?

Absolutely, no matter how many weddings you have been in, remember your whole wedding party or kids at the wedding may not have been a part of any.
Plus a quick walkthrough will go over any last-minute questions for everyone or show where everyone will be coming from and going to for the ceremony and photos.
This is a great time to also go over parking at the venues.
You should go over what time everyone should arrive and where to make sure they have the addresses (maybe print out a family/wedding party weekend schedule)
Go over who will be doing the welcome, blessing of the meal, and toasts.

Do I have to give party favors to my guests?

No, you do not have to give them to every guest, however, party favors are memories guests can take with them to your wedding.
If it’s edible, guests will bring back memories every time they eat that candy, cookie or treat following your special day.
You can always donate to a charity in honor of your guests or family members that can’t be physically at your wedding.

I don’t drink, should we still offer alcohol at our reception?

Do what is comfortable for you and your family.  If you do not believe in drinking then do not host a reception with alcohol.  Be more creative with the time of day or day of the week you choose to host your wedding.  Also offer “mocktails,” coffee/hot chocolate bar or punch along with activities to keep your guests entertained or you will be looking at a 1-2 hour reception without alcohol.
We do recommend if you want a “party” with a dancing atmosphere for a 4-5 hour reception offer at least beer and wine.  You can also offer only a signature drink during cocktail hour and then a champagne toast following dinner.
Jennifer Ball, our Master Wedding Planner is also a certified bartender.  She can assist you with bar options and creative ways to host an alcohol and/or non-alcohol event.

Should I tip our vendors and their staff? 

There are several great blogs out there about ideas.  Our 165+ page planning kit is full of suggestions.  Our theory is if anyone (even if they own the business) did a fantastic job or went out of their way to make your event extra special…let them know by a hand-written thank you card, lots of reviews online and you can tip them (money or get creative by giving them a gift card to take their family out to dinner, or a Starbucks card if that’s where you always met…think outside of the box).  Most Wedding professionals don’t get those so they will be blown away by your thoughtfulness.

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