the before….

Would you think an oil covered floor of a garage filled with tools, tires, boats and motorcycles would be an ideal placed to host a wedding reception? I love a challenge, and this was one I couldn’t wait to be a part of!  Note, this type of transformation takes a healthy budget.  Remember an event like this like a destination event, you are bringing in everything: walls, lighting, restrooms, dance floor, tables, chairs, linens and all of the vendors to pull it off.  You should have a full-service planner or a partial planner working on the logistics of this scale of an event. 

With a little magic…

We first met at the venue to talk about all of the possibilities, needs and wants.  We created a floorplan to assist vendors understand the vision.  We booked rentals and lighting to create the space and the décor just took it to another level. 

Getting married in their church was very important to their day and hosting the reception in their “shop” was very personal to them.  Being able to create this magic for a couple that is close to our family was a huge personal goal of mine…while we treat each of our couples like family…it’s a little harder with our dads work together.  I know every detail has to be phenomenal and amazing.  The closer home to us the more pressure we put on our day… and I can say this one went pretty smooth!  It was a blessing to be a part of this amazing magical transformation.  They were so much fun to work with and the day of…was like a family reunion for us all day! 

They really knew how to give it all to us and have fun~


Hawfields Church-ceremony

Billy Ezzell- DJ