Wow, so many emotions go into today’s blog.  I know it’s been a while, but we’ve been so busy “living” and “re-doing” 2020 our calendars have been jammed packed full of blessings and memories.  We’ve taken this break to focus on ourselves and our clients.  We put those two items first in 2021 and are honored so many trusted us with their special day and most importantly stuck with us through this insane process.

I debated how I would share this because I’ve been so transparent since the beginning of all of this back in 2020.  Some said, “don’t post on your business page people might fear working with you.” But I have the opposite belief.  I think WE SHOULD talk about it…and frankly talk about it MORE!  We should be using our platforms to guide people, encourage people and let them know it’s OKAY!  So instead, I’ll share my story and remind you how safe I intend on being with EVERYTHING I do…but most importantly that I’ll be here every step of the way… and for that I really hopes that inspires more people to want work with me.

We ended the 2021 year with an amazing group trip to Jamaica for New Year’s Eve.  We unfortunately had two members in our group test positive while on property.  Now this could have happened anywhere because Sandals protocols for cleaning is AMAZING!  I watched them steam couches when people got up and wipe down seats after transfers.  They were constantly cleaning and encouraging masks.  But being mostly outside and hanging around people we felt comfortable being mask-less it only took one person not hand sanitizing properly.  It’s the littlest moment but it’s how we bounce back!

With a PCR test one member came back negative and came home few days later and we have one still in quarantine.  Hopefully he’ll be home Sunday.  His wife traveled back to the states and Sandals has been taking care of him amazingly!  I check in with him and his wife daily.  The good news since I was his travel advisor, I made it easy for them.  They kept him in his current room and are offering food from any restaurant whenever he’s hungry.  They even brought him a beer yesterday.  He’s getting plenty of sunshine on his patio and will be very rested up upon his extended vacay.  The Sandals team has been incredible!  We currently have his flights on hold until he’s negative and all I have to do is call rebook.  Club Mobay is waiting his arrival also.  Sounds like he’ll come home with clean laundry too.  Since 2020, I’ve had 110 guests travel during the Pandemic and we’re the first two to experience this firsthand.  So, overall, it is safe to travel.

While I tested negative to return home, it looks like I must have caught a hold of a breakthrough case traveling home because Tuesday I woke up with just a mild congestion.  Hoping it was from the sudden pressure change in the atmosphere with the snow Monday, I took precaution and scheduled a 3pm test.  Unfortunately, Thursday (yesterday) my fear had come true, and I read the words no one wants to see right now: POSITIVE.  I won’t lie, I cried, I got mad, I prayed… I really did all of the things… then I started letting those closest to me know what was going on so we could prepare for anything ahead.

I was in disbelief because ME, out of everyone I know aka the crazy one that took EVERY precaution possible couldn’t dodge a breakthrough case.  I just pray all of my precautions allow it to be a mild and quick moving case.  But I’ll still take all of the precautions and I’ve got a test scheduled next week even though the CDC says I’m “free” after 5 days, I’ll do the full 10-day quarantine followed by a negative test.  Then since we have an event the following week, I will test again a few days prior to double check.  I’m really hoping to find a few home tests so I can test the morning of our event also.  I’m BIG on safety and I would never forgive myself for being a super spreader…

So, you’re probably wondering…

Would I still have gotten Vaccinated? 110% YES
Would I still have gotten Boosted? 110% YES
Would I have gone on that NYE trip? 110% YES
Will I still Travel? 110% YES
Will I still take precautions? 110% YES

WHY? Because I refuse to live in a world of FEAR.  I instead pray about it… it might not be your thing, but for me, giving those stresses to someone else helps.  I can only pray over the resources before me and pray that those helping me are doing just that= HELPING ME and PROTECTING ME… the one good thing my boyfriend mentioned is now I will have the antibodies in my body to hopefully protect me from future outbreaks.

So instead of freaking out… don’t worry, I’ve already bleached and cleaned my house from top to bottom… I’m going to use these quarantined days to focus on myself and my clients.  I’m going to be reaching out to each and every one of them.  I’ll start doing in person meetings January 24th out in public and we will re-open our office for in-person office meetings starting in March.  We are going to give the world a little more time to calm down before meeting here.  However, we will be doing venue tours, open houses, vendor meetings and LOTS of ZOOM calls!  Because I’m ready to plan!

Can we still host events? YES!  Let’s just do them safely!  I still have my sneeze guards for sale so encourage food & beverage vendors to use them and/or offer everything plated.  Encourage less guests with lots of safety measurements in place.  See our safety page for ideas and suggestions.  Hire professionals that will work with fears and safety concerns.  And if everyone doesn’t know one another, encourage masks, when possible, especially if you are not requiring tests and/or vaccinations to attend.  Remember “normal” events from the past are a thing of the PAST…take all of the precautions.  Assign your reception seating and encourage to be spaced out.

And you are probably asking if it is safe to travel? ABSOLUTELY!  Vacations are good for the soul!  Plan one!  Just be safe and know if something goes astray, you’ve got me!  I just booked our room for a group trip to Barbados in March… Looking at Curaçao for June and the Bahamas for my Birthday in August… I’ll be in October and November in Jamaica for two destination weddings and we already have NYE booked in Jamaica.  So let’s GO!

Let’s LIVE… because the BEST is YET to COME!