Olivia and Shon were to be wed at Blandwood Carriage house, a unique building on its own, and even more unique with their theme. The couple chose pinks, and purples as their color scheme and their theme was exploration- you could tell this every direction you looked; and it was adorable.
Typically, when you enter the Carriage house you can enter from one of two sides it is a building that is shaped like an octagon and has a first floor and a basement that is accessible from four stair cases, two from the outside that face each other, and two from the inside that wined around the outer wall adjacent to each other. But, with the Light white drapery as their back drop against the

front entrance, the one facing the Blandwood House, the entrance facing the street was the only one open to the public, creating a bright light and airy feeling to the room, even with a bit of “liquid sunshine.” As you entered the back of the room you faced the aisle created by rows of gold chairs lined with white cushions all the way up to where the bride’s maids, and groom’s men would stand.

This is where the drapery was featured, it started at the skylight at the center of the room and was drawn back to the doors, and then dropped straight back down to the floor behind the pastor. Just in front of it was a large white desk with candles of various heights.

Directly to your left was an attendant who would take your gifts, cards, and umbrellas to hide away until the ceremony was over; and to your right another attendant pointing out open seats, answering questions, and unknowingly to guests, protecting the cake from any possible disasters; because this was the area it would be cut and served in.

After a beautiful ceremony we sent guests down to the reception area to find their seats at their appropriately country themed tables, get drinks and appetizers, and kept family and the bridal party for photos. The reception area began the moment you got to the bottom of the stairs, where the bar was located. As you went through the door to the seating area you could see their unique seating chart, a map with flags that had countries tagged, that would be how a table would be

decorated. But it all came together when you entered the room, each table was themed individually, at the center of each one was a lantern surrounded by items that represented the country at that table, some included license plates, and picture frames others included small artifacts like a miniature mummy, and ornaments.

During cocktail hour, and photos, we flipped the area for the cake cutting later, we hid all the excess chairs behind the drapery, set up two large round tables, and a 6-foot rectangle table for anyone who wanted to sit. At the front of the room, about where the couple stood to say their vows we put the cake table, with a pair of toasting flutes. Off to the left side was a photo booth,

with a large book for people to wright well wishes with their picture, and at the back of the room, next to the main entrance was now a display of suitcases, that were filled with paper airplanes for the couples exit.  After a delicious meal, complete with a mashed potato bar, and the cake cutting, the couple and their guests danced the remainder of the night away, until it was time for their exit. While Olivia and Shon danced, we directed guests out the back door, to stop and pick up a paper air plane, and around the front of the building to form a line to the Rolls Royce the couple would leave in.

*written by one of our summer interns