Each wedding we have the privilege of taking part in has a special place in our hearts. Jason and Beth’s wedding on Saturday October 17th 2015 was one that was close to our hearts and very emotional. There was a time in the planning process when we weren’t sure whether or not the wedding would get to take place when the groom, Jason, was diagnosed with leukemia early in the process. We were told there was a chance we might not make it to October. The couple kept their spirits up and never stopped fighting and on October 17, 2015 they had a beautiful ceremony on one of the most beautiful days I’ve seen since I moved up here. 

You really couldn’t have ordered up a more beautiful day. It was chilly once the sun went down but the warmth from Jason and Beth’s family and friends was always present. The two were married at the Burke Manor Inn which is a simply gorgeous venue with an outstanding staff. They provided the food and beverages and there was not one unsatisfied guest from what I could tell. The food was delicious, the venue was kept up beautifully, and the staff were helpful and always available. 

Not, a lot people know but Jennifer’s mother has been battling with cancer since she was a little girl and this hit really close to home for her.  Jennifer told me she made a big care package for Jason while he was in the hospital for a while that had all kinds of things to cheer him up which, I think, really speaks to the heart of Knot Your Average Events. Jennifer and the rest of the staff are more than happy to go above and beyond for our clients — they don’t even think about it before doing it! I wasn’t able to get to know Jason and Beth during much of the planning process but from the time I’ve known them I can easily picture the smiles on their faces in that moment because the two of them were all smiles on Saturday. 

There was so much love present on that day and it was truly moving to witness the ceremony. I won’t pretend my eyes didn’t water when Beth walked down the aisle with her dad or when the two recited their vows. I couldn’t stop grinning that night simply because of the love story behind them and the even bigger one they get to write together now.

Here are a few pictures of the decor for the ceremony. If you’d like to see more check out their album on our Facebook Page or the posts on our Instagram from that Saturday!