Family can be a wonderful thing especially when it comes to celebrating milestones in one’s life. That’s something that was very easy to spot when it came to the Saunders graduation party. As an intern I have new experiences everyday this day was no exception to that rule. My first home event, in a garage?! I thought to myself! How would Knot Your Average Events staff pull off this one? The run sheet was laid out to say that pipe and drape is to be done before KYAE was to set up the room for the actual event. However sometimes things don’t always go as planned.

It was time to take action for we were hired to deliver a service and what you learn faster than anything in the event world is that you must deliver and if you exceed the expectation then even better! So we began setting up tables and décor. The rental company would just have to work around the already set up tables and chairs. Once they arrived they needed just a little help with there set up which we didn’t mind helping for it was us we would want some extra hands as well.

The design of the pipe and drape would be two L’s that connected. It would block off what we didn’t want seen by the naked eye. However we were short a pipe or two. So the rental company promptly left to go retrieve more for us. And upon there return KYAE quickly help them finish the set up of both pipe and drape and tents, tables, and chairs. Due to the team effort that we made no one could tell we had any hiccups. So both grad student and mother got to enjoy the special celebration taking place.

Every event is a learning experience and that was clear to me on this day. The cupcakes that came were so beautiful but do to space we had to think quickly and rearrange the set up of the cupcakes. We kept the words together and just reposition the others. With the clients permission of course! Always Always Always ask before you do. For you work for your client and are there to meet their needs. What they say goes.

After all the minor hiccups were taking care of it was time to do the thing we all longed to do at any party or get together. DANCE!!!!! Our staff and the Saunders family bust out a few moves to work off all the delicious food we enjoyed on this wonderful day. The laughs and smiles on each and every persons face made the day truly memorable for me.

Just always remember as a planner don’t panic or your staff will too, keep the mood light, communicated effectively, patience, and only worry about the things you can control. All will work out you just have to trust your staff and more importantly your client must trust you. Knot Your Average Events has taught me a lot in this little time so far and I know I have so much more to learn as time goes on. 
The party turned out so beautiful and tasteful the client was so happy! It made me happy to know they were happy. For my first weekend of work I felt like I wasn’t doing so hot or maybe I was messing up badly but when the client gave me that big hug and told me she appreciated my hard work. It moved me to tears. I truly feel honored to have spent time with the Saunders family. I look forward to the next family get together!!!

*HUGE SHOUT OUT TO RAY w/ STEEL IMPRESSIONS for the amazing lighting job and providing awesome music from the years the graduate was born to the day of graduation~