What a wedding are the first thoughts that come to mind. I loved this venue it was so beautiful. It was a great selection for the couple. It represented them extremely well. I got to see it all come to life the vision that they wanted came to life. They turned a barn into a ballroom. From light fixtures to simple touches of a very rustic elegant look and feel. As we entered the ceremony time there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. The sunshine just made the waterfall in the background look so perfect! 
Love was something I am very big on so it draws my attention when someone else just loves the word love. It is so powerful and on a day like this it means so much more. When they say I do the word love becomes even more meaningful then before. The ladder they used in my eyes represented the steps they took to reach the peak of their love. Its a process indeed but they tackled it together! 
I want to thank the bride and groom for letting me share in the magic of their beautiful day! From this day forward continue to do all things with love. Just like all the love you put into this very special day. I loved working with you and your family! Seeing them all smiling, dancing, and happy made me happy. Your idea for your send off was awesome! 
May your love continue to glow for years and years to come! Good luck to you both! Enjoy each other!