What color is your dress?  That’s one of the first questions I ask our brides when we are designing their space.  It’s also important to know what the wedding party is wearing too.  What color are any dresses and suits vs. tuxes.  Bonus points if they have pictures!  These are all of the details that we look at when we are looking at the overall look of the room. 

Pinterest gives great ideas…but those weddings have already happened…and that day has already been created for someone else.  It’s great to use the “free” white/ivory linens with your venue rental but always ask the venue does this cover ALL tables including buffet, gift, cake, dj, cocktail tables, because some venues only offer guest table linens.  Beware of the sizes of the tablecloths most only offer 90”x90” squares which means you’ll see under the tables and the linens do not touch the floor all the way around. 

Why do we push for COLORFUL Linens?  Because if all of your linens, chairs, and china are white… and if your dress is white: YOU just became a rental and you’ll blend in instead of stand out.  Our goal is to make your eyes bounce around the room from one table to another all while allowing you POP! 

One of our favorite parts of planning is walking through a venue, creating the layout and then heading straight over of our linen & rental company to create the vision of your day.  It’s amazing to see where we start and magically how YOUR emerges from all of the choices. 


Just remember, when you are selecting YOUR wedding colors, pick colors that speak to you.  Ask yourself the following questions:

·         What is your favorite color?

·         What is your significate other’s favorite color?

·         Do you have a favorite sports team?

·         Where did you go to college?

·         What season are you getting married in?

·         What time of the day are you getting married?

·         What colors compliment your favorite colors?

·         What is a neutral color you can use to blend textures, patterns and “wow” colors with ?

·         What flowers are you planning on having?

·         Have you thought about your lighting design? (this will affect all linens and floral colors)

Here’s a few fun combinations we’ve been working on…

(huge thanks to Party Reflections)