We love a good themed wedding… and we were honored when one of our best friend’s little sisters requested our assistance in taking over the stress of planning a wedding.  See a little over a year ago we were decorating and setting up for my BBF’s baby shower.  I knew her little sister was getting married the following year and just happened to extend our services to the family.  She politely declined saying they had it handled and that they were going to DIY everything to save money….as the months passed by I ran into them from time to time at other family get togethers, never hearing anything further. 

Then out of the blue, I received a message via Facebook asking if we could still help

and that all of the DIY plans were falling apart and/or becoming more stressful than ever anticipating.  During the first meeting I learned that the communication with their original DJ had been sparse and very unprofessional.  We quickly created a list of professional vendors to jump in and take over the décor, design, and entertainment. 

The details of this wedding is what made it so memorable to us.   The groom is a cop for our community and our bride wanted to have a little fun plus make sure he had several areas that reflected his personality too.  So although they had a small cake to cut for photos, the real treat was the tower of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.  They were a huge hit!  Our bride was reflected in several aspects from all of the smaller DIY projects her and her mom completed to the soft pale pink roses and baby’s breath.  This wedding truly showcased their personalities. 

During the planning we had long talks about past weddings amongst the family and that most ended early due to no dancing or alcohol.  I told her many times, it all depends on the day, the mood, the right recipe of vendors and guests as to how the day will progress.  At one point we even had the grandparents dancing, who didn’t even dance at their wedding reception.  There were so many opportunities for the photographer to capture memories I think we honestly could have gone another hour or two with this crowd…and that’s without any alcohol! 

This group is why we do what we do.  We were able to handle all of the behind the scenes so that the family could be guests.  And waking up to reviews and text messages letting us know what we had done for them really speaks volumes why you should choose a partial planner over a day of coordinator every time!  Or else you could be “handcuffed” to your planning every second of every day prior to getting married. 

Vendors aka “magic makers”:
City BBQ
Treasures by Theresa
                                                  Platinum Salon
                                                  Pastor Robbie Owens