Country Elegance, a term used to describe something that is
both classy, and rustic. In this case a wedding held at a high-class country club, which also included sunflowers, burlap, and raw woods. Julia and Wesley were married at Starmount Country Club with pastel colors such as purples and greens as their color scheme.
This wedding was small but was logistically a well thought out, and carefully orchestrated event. It involved the use of three rooms for guest to use, a kitchen, and a stairwell. As guests arrived they were directed to a ceremony area where the couple would get married, this area had very light decorations including drapery behind the couple, and small sunflower bouquets along the back drop. With so few decorations this created a smooth flip during cocktail hour. After the ceremony the couple magically disappeared-into a

stairwell at the front of the building where drinks and appetizers appeared for the whole bridal party- while guests were directed to the second room they would see. Cocktail hour was held in this location, and they had access to a full bar and large appetizer buffet. As guests mingled the newlyweds and their closest friends and family took their photos.

After enjoying cocktail hour, a wall was opened to the dining area, so guests could find their seats to see the newlyweds be introduced. As the couple and their bridal party made their way to their seats the DJ made an announcement that Jennifer would come by and release tables to the buffet.

This area was a large ball room and to cover the whole space it took all of our team to make sure no one needed drinks, or directions to a restroom. While guests ate we walked around to each table to ensure everyone was well settled. The ball room was arranged to have a dance floor in the center near the bar to keep people dancing and had lots of pastels to keep a light airy feeling rather than a dark fall feeling, like you usually have with flowers like sunflowers. Center pieces were made with large slices of natural wood, with a mixture of bubble bowls with sunflowers, and tall lavender bottles with smaller flowers on top of the wood rounds. Along the front of the room was a long winding table with a dessert display between

the doors guests could enter through. After guests enjoyed a delicious meal they were invited to the dance floor following a couple special dances. Finally, the couple were able to cut their cake and the desert bar was opened to the eager guests. Following all the commotion, and time to settle down guests were instructed to go outside and collect a sparkler to send off the newlyweds to their chariot, the Proximity car that was waiting for them loaded down with a box of sweets and leftovers from dinner.

By-Summer Inter Alex B.