Julie and Erica were married at Walnut Cove, a unique venue with an alter on a lake, and a reception area further up on a large hill, tucked away behind a small wooded area. Three entrances to the venue arranged to funnel traffic in specific directions. A driving path on the lower level went to the top of the hill goes directly past the alter area, a walking path that 

crosses a stair case that leads down to the alter and up to the third path. The third path is a walking path but is large enough for a golf cart, this path has a covered area with a long bench.


Julie and Erica were married at the altar, standing over the lake surrounded by their friends and family. To make sure that their guests were cool, there were large umbrellas over the ceremony area, small folding fans, and bottles of water. There was a golf cart running along the top path to the parking lot to pick up guests



As it came closer to time for the lovely brides to come down the aisle a parking lot attendant directing people down the walking path and the golf cart began bringing the wedding party down to where the covered bench to wait the last few minutes out. After the beautiful brides were married they began to send their guests up the hill to the reception area to have appetizers and drinks while they took pictures with their family and wedding party.


        After pictures the wedding party was carted up to the reception area to be announced to their guests. After introductions they did “table selfies” so they could visit every guest for just a moment. After table selfies they began releasing tables, one by one, to the buffet for dinner. Following finishing their meal the photographer snagged the couple to do some evening photos next to the dock where the alter was, when they came back the DJ had a 


microphone ready to do toasts, first dances, dance of the years, cake cutting, and garter toss. As a close to a beautiful night the

couple was lead to their limo to head off to St. Lucia via a bright sparkler exit.