Have you ever been to a party and felt like it was dragging and lacked pizzazz?  People don’t leave weddings because they have somewhere else to be…they leave because they were BORED!  Don’t let that be your event!

In the South, we’ve all been taught that’s it’s okay or polite to leave after the couple has cut the cake.  Now I understand most elderly do not wish to drive in the dark but still if you are at a 50% guest count by the halfway mark of your reception, we failed somewhere in the entertainment area.  Here are some ways to keeping them “thirsty” for more…

·         Lighting will set the tone for the event.  Not just up lights and market lights… Lighting is one area you shouldn’t skimp on!  Have a healthy budget when it comes to lighting and fabric draping.  Even better request the lighting team stay onsite to change the mood from dinner to 
     dance party.

·         Seating…don’t encourage people to take a seat at the dinner table in the back of the room and feel not connected to the event.  Placement of dance floor is critical when looking at layout.  If room doesn’t allow for a centered dance floor, offer lounge seating and/or cocktail tables close by for people to hang out and people watch.

    ·         Late night snacks…let people know there’s more than “just dinner.”  Use signage and/or menu cards to let people know the best is just getting started.

    ·         Offer games, photo booths and other fun activities for people to interact with one another throughout the night, not just cocktail hour.  Great creative here! 

    ·         Offer a glam area for ladies to primp and touch up make-up (outside of the restrooms).  You could even have your hair and make-up team onsite doing lashes, offer mini-makeovers, mini manicures, etc… you could even create event temporary tattoos for the guests.


Offer late night entertainment.  If you have a theme bring out dancers or characters for guests to interact with.  They photos they will be posting will have not only your guests talking for weeks after the glitter and confetti has settled but also all of their friends following them on social wishing they were a part of it all. 

·         At the end have your love story over take your final dance…remember your whys, your vows, your toasts, family and friends’ kind words… Create an emotional atmosphere to reminisce on the day…then switch it to a final party… one last dance (upbeat) can’t miss favorite song of the night to end on the highest of highs and having your guests wish you would plan parties like this every weekend!

You don’t have to do all of the above to throw a kick-*X# party but if you want to do more than just intros, dances, and traditions…add a few to create a different level of memories…and of course be a little “Knot Average.”

~Who’s ready to start the game changing planning?