Take two…I learned a lot from my first wedding.  Sad it didn’t work out… I really

wanted kids and my then husband wasn’t ready… I’m still close to the family and made friends to last a lifetime.  I’m ever so blessed because I actually started working for the venue that we were married at when I returned home from Wilmington (hence my 910 area code still).  I’m a true believer everything happens for a reason…just like part two…

So years went by and I ran into someone from my past, sparks flew….and another wedding was in the works.  Since I’d been married before, I’d dressed like a princess, I had all the “bells and whistles” I felt I didn’t need the “whole wedding” again so we set out for a destination wedding.  This is really where my love of Sandals Resorts started.  After a DIY (Disaster It Yourself) Wedding in my previous life (see part I) we were going to keep it simple…so I thought.  Next thing I know we are inviting 500+ people to the Caribbean for a destination wedding in Antigua and then a welcome home reception to celebrate our wedding once we returned (with no budget).  I figured I was only doing this once again and this was the way to do it. 

Our wedding in Antigua was breathtaking and amazing!  I highly recommend this for anyone on a tight budget, looking for something simple, planning a second/third marriage or just wanting an experience of the lifetime.  However, if it’s important for Grandma or lots of family and friends to be there…this isn’t for you.  We invited 500+ down to the Caribbean and we had 10 people go down with us (besides our room, one of the rooms we paid for ourselves so they could be there). 

Our onsite coordinators, spa staff and our butler were AMAZING!  The only thing I wish we would have had was a live human being to speak with here in person while we were planning to ask questions about what to pack, what to expect, talk about the rehearsal, and give ideas of excursions, spa packages and book our candlelight dinner on the beach before heading down there.  This is why I became a certified Weddingmoon & Honeymoon Specialist through Sandals and Beaches Resorts.  I wanted to be the local go to person to answer questions and help plan for couples’ destination wedding.  I’ve sent several down to the Caribbean to say “I Do.”  Here’s a few photos from my destination wedding:

Our Ceremony location in a private garden.
Our reception area after the ceremony:

 One of my favorite highlights was our steel drum band playing at our reception down there.  At one point I even got to have a little fun!

 Take it from me…you’ll love a stress-free destination wedding… Just ask me to quote you a few different options and we’ll find the right fit for you~

Allow me to create the same magic for you!  There is no charge for me to plan your wedding in the Caribbean or honeymoon.