When you think “fall wedding”, what do you see?

I see various shades of orange, green, brown and beige with pumpkins and leaves everywhere. For a girl whose favorite color is orange, the idea of the typical fall decor sends even me running. It’s a theme that is easily overdone and far too loud and that tends to take away from your special day. 

Have no fear, though! There are plenty of ways to have a fall wedding that is elegant and beautiful without being over the top! Here are a few of my favorite ways.

Wood is a great way to bring the comfort and calm of the outdoors inside while bringing in the browns of fall in an understated way. Instead of piling leaves in the center of a table (which I have seen before and let me tell you, anytime a breeze blew I was afraid of dirt getting into my food!) surround candles like these with a very simple garland that brings in a bit more of the colors of fall. 

The glassware on this table is the perfect tie-in to the theme. Hints of amber are a beautiful fall touch that doesn’t take the theme over the top.

Since I’ve been in North Carolina, the idea of an outdoor Fall wedding has seemed like the perfect day. Sunny, 72˚, breezy… Can you imagine a more perfect day? In Florida Fall is just a less intense hot so that wouldn’t even be an option for me there. If you’re planning to have an outdoor wedding in the fall, consider using your surroundings as your decor! 

This table setting uses the trees as part of the design and with the candles all around there is a whimsical element to what could have been a boring dinner set up. Plus, the colors are perfect! What says “fall” more than the colors of the outdoors in fall?

Get creative with your lighting! Why use chandeliers when you can do something like this? The uncovered lightbulbs hanging from branches and twigs incorporate the outdoors in a beautiful and unique way. The different types of bulbs keep the mood whimsical and fun. 

This is the kind of lighting that takes a simple ceremony set up and makes it something your guests will never forget. 

Don’t forget to incorporate the colors into your floral arrangements! The colors of fall look absolutely beautiful in flowers. And hey, you don’t even have to use just flowers! Adding in small extra elements that aren’t flowers gives your arrangement an extra layer that your guests won’t be expecting.

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