Looking back on my internship with Knot Your Average Events this summer, it has been a whirlwind of excitement along with hard work and dedication. I have learned so much on what it truly takes for a wedding to run smoothly. There is much preparation and scheduling when it comes to planning. It is important to have a clean cut schedule for the day for all of the vendors to see so that everyone is informed on what should be happening and when. Jennifer always made everything clear as to where everyone should be at certain times throughout the day and what their tasks were. 
Being apart of the KYAE team has been such a huge blessing for me. They truly act as family and are always willing to lend a helping hand when in need. I appreciate every single one of them for welcoming me on to the team and teaching me techniques on how to get things done efficiently. When they realized I was struggling with something, they never hesitated to help in whatever way was needed. Seeing how the staff cares for everyone along with the bride and groom in particular, made me push myself to work as hard as I could to please the couple for their special day. 
One of the biggest lessons I have learned during my internship is to always prepare for the worst and to have a backup plan. If there is a slight chance of rain for an outdoor wedding, always have a backup plan for the ceremony and reception to be inside. It is also important to make your plans clear with your bride so she can be in agreement. One wedding that stood out to me most in this aspect, was a wedding that was planned for outside. There was a great chance of rain but Jenn and all of the staff kept a close eye on the rain all day. Right before the wedding, the clouds were looking dark and rain was near. We had to make a quick decision to either get the bride and groom to marry early outside or move the ceremony inside. Jenn asked the bride what she preferred, and the bride was certain she wanted to get married outside. So from then, we started the ceremony 15 minutes early and beat the rain! The bride and groom were thrilled that they could make it happen and have just the right amount of time to take pictures outside before the rain started. This is a perfect example of how having a wedding planner can save the day!

Among the many things I will miss, one that I will miss most is working with the fabulous KYAE team and creating magic for couples. Jenn’s staff always made working weddings fun and memorable. Whether it was making jokes and laughing with each other during setup or dancing to “Wobble” all together during receptions, we always had a good time. Jenn always gave positive feedback on things to improve on and showed me helpful techniques along the way. I could not have asked for a better event staff to work with. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you Jenn and the rest of the KYAE staff for a memorable internship and wedding season. I appreciate everything you have done for me and everything you have taught!

With love,

Alexadnra Weethee
summer 2016 intern

*photo credit: FireRose Photography