Did you know that “the food truck has evolved over the years and the modern day version is a true culinary delight serving every kind of food imaginable? The trend that is over 4700 food trucks strong in the USA”.

Why is this important you may be asking yourself? Well a new trend has arrived when it comes to food trucks. They are being used for more than just street fairs, festivals, etc. Now you see them at corporate events, networking events and even WEDDINGS?!
Why a wedding is the first question I believe comes to mind right?! Well food trucks are actually has some awesome benefits for anyone looking to watch their budgets or just want something out of the norm:
1st: Food trucks can feed a large number of guests in a short time and allows guests to make their own meal choices. It saves you the task of trying to pick something everyone wants and trying to get people to RSVP their meal ahead of time.

(Below is Craft…Art of the Taco Food Truck)

2nd: Food trucks should be chosen to offer a variety of foods including appetizers, beverages, main meal and dessert. This will cover you from cocktail hour to dessert with no worries of when will this arrive and will they cake make it until cake cutting if you’re having an outdoor wedding.
3rd: You should plan 1 food truck for every 75 guests to avoid waiting in long lines. Most wedding have an average of 150 guess and with normal catering you must buy silverware, the food, and the service of the food. In this case you buy two food trucks and you have your wedding guest covered

4th: Food trucks come in many different styles and can be chosen to complement the decor and atmosphere of the wedding. They will match your theme which will tie in the food truck to your event. Who wouldn’t love this!

(Photos credit yours truly)