So you’ve got your hair and makeup scheduled, your photographer contracted and paid for, and the exact time you let your guests know when to be at the venue. Have you thought about how YOU were planning on getting to and from your wedding? There are many different types of transportation that will fit you and your style for your big day.  There are numerous ways you can do this. I see it as there being 3 categories to transportation: local, unique and classy. The difference in the three categories depends on the location of your wedding site, your style, and your budget.
Some classic ways to make an entrance or a getaway to the honeymoon is by a stretch limo, a Rolls Royce, any classic car or a stretch hummer for example.  These options are best if you are going for glamour, a sleek and stylish car or limo is perfect.  

Unique travel options can definitely vary from horse drawn carriages and hot air balloons to vintage buses and Italian Gondola’s.  If you are trying to be budget friendly you can still have a unique way to get to and from your wedding. An old truck with a vintage “just married” sign up on the back is really unique and can be borrowed from a friend or family member. Also, riding away on bicycles is super cute and will surprise your guests.

Depending on where your venue is located can also give you great ideas on what transportation to use. Let’s say you are getting married by water, try making your getaway or entrance by a boat! Depending on how big the boat is you can fit your whole wedding party on there to join you as well. If you get married at a country club or on a golf course, take advantage of their golf carts. Renting them for the getaway or entrance should be easy and inexpensive. Another great idea is to use the local transportation if your venue is downtown. Rent a trolley or call a taxi. If your style has a very urban vibe these two will make for cute getaways and great pictures. 

These are just a few ideas of how to make your getaway or entrance spectacular! Visit our website for more ideas and our contact information.

 -The Intern