Well hello there, fancy meeting 
you here.  I am Erin Moore, the new intern for the Fall of 2015! I am originally from Tampa, Florida and I just graduated from Florida State University (Go Noles!) in the Spring with a degree in Media Communications. Are you wondering how in the world I ended up here in Burlington, NC? It was a clandestine meeting, I assure you. I met one of Jenn’s brides at a tailgate for the FSU Notre Dame football game, she told me about Jenn, we talked over Skype, and here I am!

I am beyond excited to be joining Jenn and her team at Knot Your Average Events! I’ve already gotten my feet (and most of my body) wet my first week here going to meetings with clients, participating in a bridal show, and even working a wedding all within my first week here! It’s a busy business and I’m loving every moment so far! I look forward to talking to you all and hopefully meeting more and more brides and potential clients!