It’s important to step back from planning your wedding and remembering why you got engaged in the first place. Make sure to go out on dates or even plan a special night in. It’s easy to get caught up in other things, so create a date jar; it’s super simple!



All you need is:


Popsicle sticks


A Jar





Here are two ways you can create your date jar:



Option #1 Have different color popsicle sticks to signify a night in, a night out, a free date, a nicer date, etc; that way it’ll be easier to pick out what will suit you better for that day.



Option #2 Have three different colors to signify $, $$, $$$ (different priced dates).



**I didn’t have popsicles, so I used colored post-its instead. A color guide is also helpful so you don’t forget what each color signifies. NO RULES- GET CREATIVE!!!**


 After your craft project, here are some creative date ideas to write on your popsicle sticks (or post-its) and to save you money while planning your wedding:



Date Idea #1: A Night In
 Tired of the same old meals every week? Look up a recipe of something neither of you have tried!


Date Idea #2: A Night Out
 A night out doesn’t always mean going out to dinner. Change it up by going to a comedy club!


Date Idea #3: Free Date
 Become a tourist in your own city! Visit your city’s website and find out what is going on that you can do for free without having to travel far.


Date Idea #4: $ Date
If you like wine, check out your local vineyards. You’ll get to sample local wines and many places even give you a wine glass to take home.


Date Idea #5: Throwback Date


Go on a date to the zoo! It’ll bring back childhood memories and you can create new memories. Plus, it’s cheap!
**Check out our Pinterest page for more ideas!**



You can use these even after you’re married; it’s important to keep on dating each other even after marriage! Have fun on your dates and Happy Valentine’s Day from Knot Your Average Events!