One of the highlights of a wedding for a couple is picking the perfect honeymoon to top everything off. There are various places all around the world that are fit for any couple’s personality. Here are a few favorites:

One for the romantics: Santorini
Santorini is well known for its romantic and beautiful sunsets, rich Greek food, and the most charming restaurants. Visiting a beach the color of love will get you and your partner in an amorous mood. Santorini’s Red Beach is accessible by a short hike over some rocks, making it a bit more secluded, with a wide cove to swim in.
One for the adventurous: Maui

Maui is all for the adventurous couples. Maui offers impressive wildlife and rich culture and history for everyone to see. While on a visit there, you can dance with professional hula dancers, golf along coastal fairways, snorkel alongside five different types of sea turtles or just lounge on some of Hawaii’s most notable beaches. Travel along the Road to Hana to experience East Maui’s scenic coastline, explore Haleakala- the world’s largest dormant volcano- in the Upcountry, and explore the former tribal battlegrounds of Central Maui’s Iao Valley State Park.

No matter what type of vacation you want, there are plenty of options for everyone and their tastes. Whether it be in the United States or abroad, the world have plenty to offer! So make sure to do your research to find an unforgettable destination for you and your partner.
(*Photos all courtesy of Pinterest)