Did you know most couples travel within a week of their wedding for their honeymoon? But those that waited at least even a day in between enjoyed it better!  Most said postponing was a huge stress relief and they didn’t feel like “zombies” traveling.  Honeymoon planning usually begins about eight months prior to the wedding.  This insures the best room and flight for the best prices.  Plus this gives you plenty of time to create to purchase excursions, Spa Treatments, Candlelight Dinner at sunset on the beach that will assist in creating magical memories while you are vacationing. 



30% of couples choose the Caribbean as their #1 destination. 


Jamaica is the leading Caribbean destination for honeymooners…and I know WHY! 




There is SOOOOO many fun adventures to do on this island.  Whether you want to

climb a waterfall, swim with dolphins, or ride a horse on the beach; Jamaica really gives multiple opportunities to zipline through a rain forest or go four-wheeling on an off beat’n path.  But maybe with all of the planning of the wedding, you’re just looking to curl up in a hammock and read a good book.  The Sandals in Jamaica will not disappoint.  Not to mention with a direct 3-hour flight from Charlotte really makes it a quick and easy getaway. 

Since Jamaica is where Sandals first started, it has the most resorts on the island. Negril offers the most beautiful sunset along it’s 7-mile beach.  Ochi provides a little livelier night life and even more fun pool side during the day.  South Coast  offers Sandals only overwater bar (more are coming) and it also has one of the overwater wedding chapels too!  If you are looking for a more relaxed quite resort than the ALL Butler Royal Plantation is exactly what you are looking for!  But my personal favorites in Jamaica are Montego Bay & The Royal Caribbean mainly because you are only minutes from the airport.  And I like to see how quick I can get from NC to sand between my toes and yummy frozen beverage in my hands!  Plus if you didn’t want to travel all the way to Fiji for an overwater bungalow…definitely look into The Royal Caribbean’s Private Island Villas and Bungalows.  Breathtaking views and rooms await your arrival!



Bahamas is the next big Caribbean getaway and I have a feeling it too has something to do with a 3-hour direct flight from Charlotte.  Nassau Bahamas is home to the Royal Bahamian Resort that also has a private island you can relax on all day.  They offer amazing snorkeling right off one of the reefs of the private island for free daily if weather permits.  The private island is probably one of my FAVORITE places in the Caribbean.  The backside of the island is so serine and calming.  Now this resort has two larger pools and one is more active with fun games and entertainment throughout the day while one has several great places to just sit back and relax…best part is BOTH have a swim up bar and hot tub. 


Are you a fan of snorkeling or diving?  Then I would HIGHLY recommend the Exumas for your honey.  Plus it’s the only place in the Caribbean you can swim with the pigs (the #1 excursion and reason couples pick it).  Plus they have an amazing spa and golf course.  Most rooms come with a complementary round of golf right on the beach.  We’ve seen this resort first hand and the staff here are amazing!



St. Lucia is the third most traveled Caribbean Honeymoon Destination and why not… the views at any of the three Sandals resorts (La Toc, The Grand St. Lucian, & Halcyon) offer either the beautiful beaches or the Pitons Mountains.  We’ve sent several couples down to this island and they’ve always came back with the most amazing stories and compliments of the staff. 


Although the location is further from the airport than I would like to admit.  It is a beautiful ride and we recommend a private transfer that comes with a wi-fi car filled with drinks and snacks for your almost 2-hour car ride.  Or you can skip the car ride and start your vacation off with an excursion of a helicopter ride from the airport.  This way you can choose to either see the whole island from the sky or a faster route…aka faster to get feet in sand!



No matter where you decide to travel to for your honeymoon, we encourage to add a little fun and relaxation while you’re away.  Take advantage of everything each resort offers.  We highly recommend splurging for a butler or at least a club level room.  Any room is great but those usually come with additional bonuses!  Remember we can assist you in booking your Sandals honeymoon free of charge.  This is just a bonus!  Whether you are already one of our couples getting married, referred by a friend or just happen to find us… allow us to tie up all of your honeymoon travel needs.