Have you started planning your honeymoon yet? How do you even begin to pick where to spend your first vacation as a married couple?  Have a deep conversation with one another and figure out all the places you’d love to travel within the next 1 year, 5 years, 10 years and lifetime goals.  Look at what is more affordable, feasible and really it all boils down to what you want your first adventure to be remembered as.  



Here’s some other things to consider also:


·         Think of the traveling


o   How far away is your destination?


o   How many hours will it take to travel?


o   How many layovers will you have?


o   How far is the hotel/resort/AirBandB from the airport/port of call?


o   Have you thought about any additional transportation needs to and from the airport or to get around the city?


·         What types of excursions you guys might want to do while on you honeymoon? 

Remember certain adventures may only be available on certain countries/cities.

o   Are you golfers?


o   Do you want to go ziplining or four wheeling?
o   Do you want to swim with dolphins, pigs, sting rays?


o   Do you want to go horseback riding on the beach?


o   Maybe go skiing?


·         Do you want a big beach? Maybe mountains? Or do you want to tour historical buildings and museums?


·         Maybe you’re a sports fanatic and your bucket list is to see every stadium/arena of your favorite sport…


·         Are you traveling within the country or will you need a passport?


·         Are you planning a staycation for now and a bigger trip later?



We talk with our couples to pick an experience that reflects them.  Not to pick something because it seems to be the cheaper option.  We tell our couples to do their homework/research and to ALWAYS hire a travel agent (or us for Sandals/Beaches Resorts) to plan their trip.  We also tell our couples to get travel protection/insurance. 



Some know we plan Caribbean getaways for FREE…and if you didn’t, you do now!  
If you are considering:


ü Antigua


ü Bahamas


ü Barbados


ü Great Exumas (Bahamas)


ü Grenada


ü Jamaica


ü Saint Lucia


ü Turks & Caicos


Know we can assist you in booking an all-inclusive trip.  We can assist with your flights, excursions off resort and plan spa treatments while on resort.  We can plan for special occasions to celebrate a birthday and/or anniversary too!  One of our couples favorite experiences has been the candlelight dinner on the beach at sunset.  Contact us today for more details…