In Fall 2015, I transferred to The University Of North Carolina Greensboro from North Carolina Central University still in search for a career path I wanted to pursue. I became a student of the Community Recreation and Event Planning program unsure of my commitment to this department until I was enrolled in a class that gave me a vision of my career. I was enrolled and quickly engaged in Jennifer Ball’s (Event Planning/Event Management CTR 423) course. In this course I found that helping others plan and coordinate special events was my niche. I once was told “Build your own dreams, then someone else will hire you to build theirs.” Discovering what ignites my passion instantly drives me to find a way to share it with others.

Photo by: Kayla Jean Photography

As I begin my last semester at The University Of North Carolina Greensboro. I have been awarded the opportunity to Intern for Jennifer Ball and her (Knot Your Average Events) company. I look to use this professional guidance to learn the day by day steps it takes in becoming a successful event planner.

 Student Learning Outcomes
By the end of the Internship, I will be able to:

 ● Plan/Design a Special Event

● Implement a Special Event
● Conduct a Program or Special Event with Limited Budget
● Manage KYAE Website
● Promote KYAE and Special Events
● Communicate Professionally with Vendors and Agencies
● Manage Staff and Lead to Event Setup ● Provide Quality Customer Service to Participants of KYAE 

To Be Continued:

 ~Riddim Hackett (KYAE  Intern)