I think it’s pretty safe to say everyone remembers where they were the weekend of October 8, 2016.  Our weekend started several days out as we were attending Wedding conference in Vegas while keeping up what was going on with the weather back in NC.  We begin prepping our couples (yes we had two weddings that weekend).  Every morning for a couple hours prior to attending that day’s conference sessions we would spend time checking weather reports, check in with our couples and touch base with vendors making sure everyone understood our game plan.  Still completely unsure what Hurricane Matthew was going to do we planned for the worst, hoped for the best and expected the unexpected.

Our first couple had hired us after they had booked majority of their vendors but still looking for guidance in planning, a few additional vendors and truly handling the closer to the BIG day details.  Our couple was incredible to work with.  She had phenomenal questions, she was great to finish “homework” projects and showed up on wedding day with everything labeled and ready to go.  We were ready for our one wedding crasher called Hurricane Matthew.  The father of the bride was so much calmer by lighting the mood during the rehearsal saying… “my name is Matthew, but I’m a lot calmer and much more fun than that one off our shore right now.”  Everyone laughed and at that moment I think everyone focused on what was important not that it was raining a monsoon and we were in a fully outdoor venue with a tent. 

The day of the wedding arrived just as planned and all of the vendors came together to create one of the most intimate and beautiful ceremonies.  The guests were so understanding and flexible.  We couldn’t have asked for a better group of people (vendors and guests) to handle all of the circumstances that we overcame.  The venue staff went above and beyond working on pumps on the patio to try and keep the water flow to a minimum.  As things came up we as a team created magic.  They say it takes a village to raise a family, well it takes a team to pull

off a hurricane wedding.  Moments like this wedding is the number one reason I can’t stress enough to couples why it’s important to hire professional vendors and a professional coordinating team.  Our couple didn’t worry about a thing!  They enjoyed getting pampered all day, created amazing memories during pictures and the family enjoyed each other’s company all while the production teams created magic behind the scenes. 

The florist created a beautiful backdrop for their ceremony, the catering team worked fast to make sure everything was in place before the first guest arrived and the entertainment quickly provided music in the background to lighten the mood during set up.  Our KYAE team assisted in the venue prep, helped vendors load in the rain, assisted with set up, all while making sure the family didn’t need anything.  Here are a few amazing photos from this beautiful couple not letting anyone rain on their day…


The Magic Makers:

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