Hello to all Knot Your Average Events followers!

My name is Bree Lujan and I will be the newest member of the Knot Your Average Events crew as an intern. I am current senior at the University of North Carolina Greensboro. Go Spartans! My major is recreation and parks management concentrating in community recreation and event

planning and minoring in environmental science. My career goal is to get into event management/planning. My favorite part of an event is watching the work I’ve put in, make people happy. I haven’t had any professional experience yet, but I have put together family birthday parties and such. My end goal is to to end up in community recreation and be some type of event planner with the community.

I believe this internship with KYAE will provide me with the skill set and experience I need to succeed in this industry. The internship will allow me to create connections and network with people that could help me get further in my career. I plan to gain knowledge in the financial side and budgeting of events, the process of making an event run smoothly from start to finish, and how to work with customers wants and needs. I want to also learn about how to handle things if something doesn’t quite go according to plan. This internship will be extremely important for my future career as I will be able to gain experience and knowledge in this industry through a company that has been around for 20+ years. I am extremely fortunate and excited to be given this opportunity. I cannot wait to learn the ropes of event management and work with Jenn and the rest of her staff!

Some quick fun facts about me are:

I have moved twice in the past year, first into my first apartment and secondly into my first house!

I have 2 pet snakes named Romeo and Juliet, a dog named Jax, and a cat named Elsa.

I recently got engaged this past month!

I’m looking forward to creating magic this Summer with you all! ~