Would you like to travel out of the country?

Have you thought about when you would like to travel

and how long it will take you to obtain a passport?

You will want to make the process as simple as possible

by collecting all documentation ahead of time.

Only US citizens can get a US passport.

As long as you can prove your citizenship

then you shouldn’t have any trouble getting one.

Your first step would be to track down your birth certificate.

Make sure it is an original copy.

It should be a certified certificate with a raised seal

and must include the date the certificate was filed.

You will need to have your photographer take a photo of you.

or you could go down to a local AAA office to have your picture taken.

You will need to have money for the cost of the passport.

If you are over the age of 16 then you will pay $75

for the application fee, plus a $25 execution fee.

The cost for all applicants under the age of 16

is $60 for the application fee and $25 execution fee.

Next, you will want to fill out the application itself.

You can do this online or you can

print it out and fill it out by hand.

Be sure not to sign it until you apply in person.

You will want to gather your application, 2 different checks,

2 copies of your passport photo, proof of citizenship, a photo id

and go to a local passport acceptance facility,

like a post office, county office or other government facility.

They will mail your application in along with your birth certificate,

so you will be without it for a while.

You will get your birth certificate back in the mail

along with your passport.

Routine processing can take 4-6 weeks

and maybe longer during peak season.

Expedited processing will cost you more

and it will take 2-3 weeks.

If you need it faster, you can go through an expediter

and have it delivered in 24-48 hours.

~hope you enjoyed this little tip, Rhonda