Hey everyone! My name is Sarah Manns and I am so excited about interning for Jenn! I am currently a senior at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro majoring in Community and Therapeutic Recreation and in my last semester. I usually say I am from Charlotte, but in reality, asking where I am from is one of the hardest questions I am asked. You see, I was born in Turkey and lived in Brazil, England, Singapore, and then the United States. Do you see my dilemma now?? It was because of all the traveling I did with my family that made me fall in love with different cultures, people, and traditions. So, what better profession to get into than event planning in order to experience all three? The answer is: there isn’t a better option (for me at least)!

Not many people know that you can study to become an event planner, so how did I get there? Since both of my parents are foreign, they decided that they knew exactly how college in America worked; everyone chooses their major before they get to college. Right? Far from it. Yet, that is what I did. I researched majors and narrowed down what I wanted to do and from there I chose the college I wanted to go to based upon if they had my major or not. I only had about five options, but Greensboro was the one place that I could picture myself. Spoiler alert: I was accepted and have loved it ever since.

As for my internship, Jenn was my professor a couple of semesters ago, so when I found out that she didn’t have an intern for this Spring, I knew I had to accept her offer. I just started last Monday and I can already tell that it is going to be completely different from my last. My last internship was at a country club and I only saw the forefront of event planning, meaning I never saw the planning part- just the actual event. From my first week interning with Jenn, I’ve already accumulated so much information and I can finally see behind the scenes of what it takes to create an event and network. Even though I know what I’ve wanted to do since my senior year of high school, this past week alone has confirmed that I’ve made the right choice.

I’ll be posting more on the blog during the time I am here, so make sure to check back in!