Hi my name is Connor Smith, I am the new summer intern for Knot Your Average Events. I really want to get as much experience as possible for planning and coordinating events. I want to know every aspect of the planning process. I feel like this internship will provide me with the perfect opportunity to jump start my career in the event planning world.

            I chose to pursue a career in event planning after deciding on a major in art studies with a concentration in visual arts at North Carolina State University. It was here that my love for art and design grew, but I also enjoyed working with people and knew that I somehow wanted to combine the two. It was after I took a class in Park Recreation and Tourism that I found out exactly how to do this. I realized I would be able to branch into the event world and this caught my attention. After doing research on event planning and all that it had to offer I realized this was career path that I wanted. I saw that with this career that I would get to be a part of transforming people’s visions into a reality. I would get to help make people’s dreams come true and this is what I am most excited for.