So you’ve done a little research, went to a wedding show to gather ideas…Let’s make it official with a DATE! 
FYI you DON’T have a DATE until you have a signed contract with a venue. 

Start looking at venues

o   We know almost every venue from the triad to the triangle so finding the perfect venue is one of our favorite parts of what we get to do!  We love seeing that look in ya’lls eyes the minute you know you’ve found “the place.” 

o   Start thinking do you want a barn, a reception hall, a tent, in your backyard, outside, inside, or a unique place?

Here’s some questions to ask:

§  How many hours do you get with a rental? (we suggest anything over at least 10 hours; 12 is great!)

§   What all is included with a rental?

§ How many people can the venue host?

§  Will there be a site manager on duty during the entire rental (same person or different)?

§  Where do ceremonies take place?

§  Where are the options for cocktail hour?

§  Do you have samples of layouts for the reception?

§  What is the rain plan or inclement weather plan?

§  Does the venue allow alcohol?

§  What are the rules and regulations for vendors (noise, catering, decorating etc.)?

§  Any vendor restrictions? (allow outside catering)

§  Is there a place for both of you to get ready (and not see one another)?

§  Rental prices? (specials for Friday/Sunday what about weekday)
Do they have restrictions for exits?
When do rehearsals take place?

Here are some great blogs: