According to a new study, in 2016 wedding guests spent an average of $888 to attend a wedding, that number is much higher if they’re a bridesmaid or best man! Factors such as location of wedding, dress code and travel can affect the amount spent. With all that info, it makes sense to give guests something to say thank you and to remember your special day (all photos are courtesy of Pinterest for inspiration only).
Themed Party Favors

Place favors in a fun bag that relates to your wedding. If you’re having your wedding on the beach, a shark bag is fun and allows guest to put belongings inside. You can also give guests a bucket along with sunglasses and flip-flops so they dance the night away!

 Food Favors


Everyone loves food. What better way to show your appreciation to your guests than candy and popcorn! Many times couples will have a candy bar a the reception and that can serve as a party favor! 
Kid Friendly Favors

If you’re going to allow kids at your wedding, be sure to provide them with a few things to entertain them. crayons and coloring books are inexpensive, but entertaining.

Adult Friendly Favors


 If you’re not having children at your event, guests will appreciate a little bubbly! Be creative with the presentation, add straws and even provide a glass.

Eco-Friendly Favors

If you want to do something more low key, providing guests with plants, homemade soaps and coasters is great way to ensure they have memories of your event for years to come without breaking the bank.

Customized Favors


Customizing items is a great way to show your appreciation. Just about anything can be customized these days lip balm, M&M’s and you can go wrong with koosies! Guests have a great gift they can reuse or keep for years to come. It will also allow them to remember what a great time they had at your event!

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