On September 27th we were lucky enough to be a part of the Perfect Wedding Guide Triad Bridal show at WinMock! If you’ve never seen the facility I highly recommend you check it out. It’s absolutely beautiful inside. There’s plenty of space for guests and wedding of any size and they have a beautiful Bridal Suite and Groom’s Room as well. 

The loft at the top of the barn is often used for ceremonies but for the bridal show that weekend it was used to showcase different vendors. There were some really creative booths set up but my absolute favorite was Megan Travis Photography! She set up the most cozy and adorable space I’ve ever seen at a bridal show and it really made her stand out!

 Our room housed four vendors total because we wanted to give couples and families a full package of things they’d need on their special day. Our section included all of our package information as well as a special Sandals section that was specifically for those who had everything they needed but their honeymoon! We love showcasing our planning materials and educating couples about the things they may not realize they need to prepare for when it comes to their wedding! Our focus is always on the guest experience. Your family should be enjoying your wedding — not working it!

 Steel Impressions provided the music and all the uplighting for the show! The subtle lighting had a powerful effect o the mood of our booth. The people coming in were welcomed into a relaxing environment where they felt comfortable exploring what we had and talking to all the vendors inside. Ray also provided the custom monogram  pictured below and is able to customize a new one for any of his clients — INCLUDED in his pricing!!

Jac and Liz with All Faiths Wedding Officiants of the Triad were able to talk with couples about the way they can customize their wedding ceremony to really show who they are as a couple instead of the traditional ceremony that is so frequently used still today. From Harry Potter and Doctor Who themed weddings to something more traditional, your ceremony will be warm and personalized in exactly the way you like it.

Jus’ Go Play is an event childcare business which is something most people don’t seem to think about until it’s too late! For those guests who can’t find a sitter for the night or your own kids who you just don’t want running around under the tables or sticking their fingers in your beautiful wedding cake, this is the perfect solution! Kathy will make sure the kids from your event are having a blast and not knocking over your carefully crafted centerpieces. Plus, hiring childcare helps you save money! Just think: you don’t have to pay for full meals for the kids. Kids are just as happy to eat mac & cheese and chicken nuggets for a fraction of the price!