First can you tell the difference from these palm trees?


~Me neither….


          But they all these photos were taken at different resorts.  So what I’m getting at is a palm tree is a palm tree… I know you might WANT to go to a certain location, island, and resort…but is THAT one island best for your adventure and budget?  There are so many factors to take into consideration when you are booking your destination for your honeymoon…


·         First do you have a passport and/or planning on getting one?
·         Are you okay in flying and/or getting on a boat?


·         Check out average flight cost, times, layouts, best airports to fly to and from when booking flights.


·         Don’t forget to book travel protection for your trip including flights …


·         How fast do you want to get to your destination?


·         With back said… don’t forgot to check your departure flights too… how far away is your resort from the airport?  Remember most international flights require your arrival 3 hours prior to boarding… which means if you have an 8am

flight, you have to be at the airport around 5am and if your resort is 2 hours away…hello 2am shuttle pick up time….

·         Do your research about the resort you are looking at staying at… is it all inclusive? Do you have some meals included?  Depending on your room does it limit your level of services?  Do you have room service all day or limited? 


·         Does your resort include any activities or amenities?


·         What types of off resort adventures can you plan ahead of time or do you have to wait to do everything on property?


·         Does it have a spa?  Can you pre-plan treatments and appointments or wait upon arrival?


·         How many restaurants are on property?  Are they all included?  How many

require dinner reservations or can you just walk up and get a seat?  Are their dining options close by the resort to embrace the local culture?  And how safe is it to walk there?

·         Are there ways to add special surprises and celebrations…can you add a candlelight dinner at sunset on the beach?  Add decorations for a birthday celebration?


·         Are cabanas first come first serve, reserved or rented for the day? 


·         How many pools and hot tubs are available?


·         Ask about if there is evening entertainment every night, games by the pool during the day or themes each evening?


A professional travel agent or a certified specialist like myself can answer all of those questions about Sandals & Beaches Resorts…and if you are looking to travel somewhere else, I have several amazing travel agent friends that can assist with other destinations and locations.  So take a look at the budget you want to spend but be reasonable… does it include flights?  Are you looking for a full week?  Remember you are paying for a once in a lifetime luxury trip….splurge and enjoy creating magical memories on your next adventure….



Oh and never travel the very next day after your wedding… you’ll THANK me when you don’t feel like a zombie.  If you are getting married on a Saturday, book a local hotel room for the night of the wedding and then enjoy a brunch or send-off party with family and friends the day after the wedding.  Then book a hotel room in the city you are flying out from, get a good night’s rest and early Monday morning take the shuttle to the airport, board the first flight out to your destination and enjoy more time on the beach feeling fully relaxed and ready to create memories! 
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