Full Service Pricing

Knot Your Average Events Luxury Experience

This bespoke offering is crafted for the couple who desires 110% full guidance, from the inception to the culmination of their planning journey, enveloped in a luxurious experience. Together, we embark on the journey of logistical planning, designing, and meticulously covering every detail of your special event. Our commitment extends to attending every meeting and setting up every appointment on your behalf, guided by our multi-certified, accredited expertise, with Knot Your Average Events being recognized as one of the 52 Master Wedding Planners globally.

To fully immerse yourself in a luxury planning experience, we recommend a budget of $50,000+. This ensures our services are utilized to the utmost extent, allowing us to craft a truly magical event with an unparalleled guest experience, backed by a full professional team.

In this package, we encourage limiting DIY projects to fully embrace the exclusive KYAE experience. This ensures our dedicated attention to detail is channeled into creating an extraordinary celebration that surpasses expectations. With this offering, you can trust that KYAE’s lead planner, Jennifer Ball, will be by your side at your wedding and guide you seamlessly throughout the entire planning process. Elevate your wedding experience to new heights with Knot Your Average Events, where luxury meets expertise, and dreams become reality.

2024 KYAE Pricing Starts at $5,800*

*see if your venue is part of our referral program for a special rate

We also offer 10% off ANY package for our hometown heroes (THANK YOU for your service)- Police, Fire, EMT, Nurse, Military and Teachers

~National Average cost of full-service wedding planner: $7,500 (NOT including their production & design team)

Expect to spend between $4,500 to $11,175 for Well-Experienced Professionals (NOT including their production & design team)

Knot Your Average Events

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