The photographs from your wedding day are going to be the everlasting memories that you can look back on years down the road with your children and grandchildren. It’s important to communicate with your photographer and ask questions, so they can capture those special moments just how you pictured in your mind. Here are some unconventional questions to ask your photographer:

Do you specialize in artificial light or natural light or both? 
This is important because the different lighting will give a different effect to the photos. Below, you can see the difference and it’s up to you to decide what look you want to find the right photographer.

Natural Lighting                                                                             Artificial Lighting

What’s your posing technique?
Of course you want to make your pictures look natural and not too forced, so asking your photographer how they make you relax in front of the lens is key to getting effortless pictures. Let your personalities show and have fun!

What is your shooting style?
It’s good to know whether your photographer is more focused on details (capturing little moments you wouldn’t think of) or the big picture (capturing main moments and staying back).

What happens if you’re sick on the wedding day?
Make sure you have a plan B figured out with your photographer! Nothing will stress you out more if you find out your photographer can’t make it. They should either have another photographer from their company or know of other photographers in the area that would be able to help.

We know of great photographers in the area and would love to help you find what is best for you. Email jenn@knotyouraverageevents with any questions or if you would like to book a consultation!