20170730_181349_Film1.jpgIt’s the final hour for a grand wedding at the Grandover. This also means this is the final hour for my time as an intern with KYAE. A bittersweet moment as I look back on all that has transpired this past summer. There have been so many opportunities, memories made, laughter shared, and knowledge gained. I told Blair today as I chuckled at her sense of humor that I was going to miss her. I feel as if I have established a bond with KYAE beyond a student-teacher relationship.

Furthermore, my experience with KYAE has advanced me professionally and personally.
I  learned technical skills such as moving tables properly, setting a table,
cutting flowers, packing equipment, and
using social media. However, the most

20170729_201348_Film1.jpgimportant lesson I have learned with KYAE is to believe in myself. Nothing else
would be possible if I lacked that quality.  A person can have all the knowledge,
experience, and skills they may like to have; but they’re useless if that
person limits their power to excel in them. Through this experience I came to
the realization that I didn’t believe in myself. That sounds harsh but it’s
true. Our biggest enemy can be ourselves. There would be times when I failed to
complete a task because internally I told myself “ I’m tired, I’ll do it later”
or “I don’t think I can do that”. I put these limitations on myself but I have
the power to do otherwise. KYAE has taught me to believe in myself and do great
things by enforcing my professional responsibility. If I don’t do my part then
my team fails. I have a responsibility to make sure my team is winning. This
mindset of believing will take me and every believer to infinite lengths. I am
forever grateful for KYAE and i can’t wait to pass my experiences on to the
next up and coming professional

They are my family; and

from this point on I will be at the crab boil every year!
Love Always~ Raven

Raven~ We are sooooo proud of the coordinator you are becoming! BEST WISHES!! We will see you next year! (And hopefully at the Annual Christmas Party with Santa too!)