In over 20 years of events and weddings, I’ve never experienced anything to the level of COVID-19 and I have LOTS of stories to share. Actually, it was ALL of those stories and education that prepared me for today’s current uncertainties. We used several of our past experiences to prepare our clients, couples and vendors throughout the months of quietness.

Before the very first announcement from our local NC governor, Master Wedding Planner, Jennifer Ball (JB) sent out a 4-page PDF calming our KYAE clients as to how we foreseen the next few weeks. Within hours, the governor advised the 100 person event cap which JB had already recommended for any events for the next year.

Watching closely, researching, listening and learning on April 4, 2020 JB sent out a 16-page PDF to clients and couples planning events over the next year. We also updated all of our payment plans to assist all of our couples survive the next immediate months. We worked with vendors mentoring them on how to handle their clients’ cancelations and encouraging postponing.

On May 11, 2020 JB developed her version of safety measures during weddings IF & WHEN they were safe to continue. Feel free to download these helpful tips and advice to create safe ideas and possibilities. Please note NONE of these are FDA or government approved but are the intellectual property of Jennifer Ball & Knot Your Average Events. We look forward to safely hosting weddings and events soon!


We, KYAE as a company must follow all government guidelines and protocols due to our insurance policies not covering our company IF we go against government guidelines/advisories/regulations.  (Most companies are learning about this clause and are forced to follow the guidelines in order to protect their assets and business they have worked so many years to create, develop and protect.)
Currently as of today (through 10/2/2020) *could change at any date- this is the government guidelines & standards:
25 people inside OR 50 people outdoors
  •       people should remain 6 feet apart
  •       masks should be worn (except when eating or further than 6 feet apart)
  •       hand sanitize and wash hands often
  •       limit time of exposure of group
restaurants are at 50% capacity (meaning that building MUST be the one actually cooking/serving the meal)- lots of protocols with this aspect- so make sure they are following those CDC guidelines
section 8a public/government own venues to be closed to receptions and parties (private establishments is to follow 25/50 rule)
  • some private home venues are following this guideline for liability reasons
section 8b no onsite alcohol consumption (bars remain closed)
under the 1st amendment– “religious” ceremonies are at unlimited capacities but must follow the following guidelines:
  • guests must arrive right before ceremony is to begin
  • only family members that live under same household can sit together
  • all other guests shall be spaced 6′ apart
  • sitting every other row/pew
  • shall enter one door exit a separate door
  • guests shall not sing, say Lord’s prayer, say Amen during service
  • all guests shall leave once ceremony is over
  • no receiving lines
  • ONLY following the 25/50 rule for photography/videography to follow ceremony (and/or reception activities)

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