Planners Unplugged Book

Jon’ll Boyd of Completely Yours Events, LLC is proud to present: ‘Planners Unplugged: Secrets of the World’s Greatest Event Planners’ book, the first Anthology to be written by planners and for planners. Planners Unplugged is a tell all of 18 of the industry’s top planners who dare to share both personal and professional obstacles that exists under the glitz and glam. Owning their power and ignoring their fears, these women share how they’ve overcome life’s not so pleasant moments to regain harmony and balance in their lives.

Contributing Co-Authors include the esteemed Jamesa Adams, Tortica Anderson, Jennifer Lloyd Ball, Shaun Cox, Candice Denise, Athena DeVonne, Sherece Fullerton, Shanae Hall, Marian Hillard, Ashley Johnson, Candace Joy, Ivori Lipscomb-Warren, Crystal Marie, Gail Prescott, Allison Smith, Irene Tyndale, Jon’ll Boyd and Elana Walker.

The only way to get a copy is through one of the authors.


Local pick up: $20

$30 covers shipping and handling within the US

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