Rustic Barn Overflowing With Love         

Just like every individual, every couple and wedding are different from all others. For Lindsey and Mitch, the focus of their special day was not only their love for one another but for their families as well. They used their collective creativity to share that love with their family, friends, and honored guests. With the use of beautiful flowers, lanterns, and photos from their past the couple brought their special day together to join each other, and proudly honor their passed loved ones.

As you entered Millikan Farms on this beautiful sunny day, you could feel a light breeze blowing off the lake backing up to the property, you could see the beautiful garland draped down the stairwell leading up to the ceremony, as well as a magnificent chandelier hanging above the ceremony. As you went up the stairs the aisle was lined by photos of the couple through the years hanging on the end chair surrounded by flowers. The Memory table was off to the right out of the sight of the bride, Lindsey, as she came down the aisle; and front and center of the room stood a backdrop made of three handmade wooden doors, that Mitch made just for their special day.

Lindsey asked KYAE to move the memory table out of her line of sight coming to the altar at the rehearsal because just a few weeks before the wedding her grandmother passed away. She shared that it had been an unexpected loss and that her Grandmother was on the memory table. Because Lindsey was already upset that her Grandmother would not be there for her special day she recognized that it would without a doubt upset her before the ceremony to see the photo of her grandma. So, the KYAE team moved the table back so family could visit it before the ceremony and again while guests were participating at cocktail hour so that the ones who may have missed it would see the table going through the appetizer line.

Mitch made so many beautiful items for the wedding starting with the massive doors that were used as the backdrop for their ceremony, they were so large it took a team of six men to get them down after the evening was finally over. But he also made three sizes of lanterns that were used as table centerpieces, these also held flowers. All of this was beautiful and wonderful but it was something far more simple that set this whole day apart.

Lindsey and Mitch were married the day before Mother’s Day, and this was what made this wedding special, they used the holiday to bring their whole family together. After all of the first dances, the couple asked anyone with their mother present to come to the dance floor with her and dance, this resulted in large circles of people hugging and dancing with one another, and almost every guest on the dance floor with the couple. This may sound like some small thing but it was easily the most moving dance I have ever witnessed. I love that Lindsey and Mitch used their special day to honor their mothers and loved ones that are not here anymore. 

Linens, and Chairs: Party Reflections
Cake and Cupcakes: Cakes by Manfred
Dessert Bar: Family and Friends
Photographer: C Saul Photography
Party Favors: Etsy
Hair and Makeup: Updos Studio

By SUmmer Intern Alex