Whenever a rustic barn wedding comes to mind, one of the first things I think of is burlap or lace. Gold centerpieces with big wooden boxes filled with elegant flowers as the centerpieces fill the reception room with the perfect amount of charm.

Even sunflowers in mason jars are the flawless element that can accentuate the right amount of southern charm. Hanging Edison lights across the ceiling will give the room a romantic touch that will keep the love in the air. 
But before you think about having a barn rustic wedding, there are a few tips you should keep in mind when planning your wedding!
– Check the local sound ordinance rules
– Know the ground rules for of the venue to ensure that you or any of your guests do anything that is not permitted
– Make a plan for bugs (keep baskets of bug spray in the bathrooms for guests to use and set up bug repellent candles around the perimeter of the venue)
– Weatherproof your guests (big industrial fans are a necessity in the hot months and it is never a bad idea to have buckets of umbrellas in case of a rain shower in the summer)
(All photos courtesy of Pinterest)