With so many of our couples booking their honeymoons and destination weddings next year I wanted to share some travel tips and tricks with you and them!  I’ve been traveling down to the Caribbean by myself several times a year for the past SIX years.  Never, have I once felt threaten, scared or afraid but I also am very smart about traveling alone. 

I know my dad gets onto me all the time about my social media posts and “letting everyone know” where I am…but isn’t that a good thing?  I know my home is secure between my two “attack dogs” (okay those might actually lick you to death before eating you alive…lol), but really between my mom stopping by to check in on them during the day, my roommate and boyfriend there in the evenings and fabulous neighbors that know when I’m traveling… my home is as secure if I’m there or not… plus if someone wants anything I’ve got they need it more than me and I’ll just pray for them. 

If you would have asked me 10 years ago if I would be traveling alone to the Caribbean I would have probably laughed and said “yeah right.”  But since joining the Association of Bridal Consultants a little over 6 years ago I’ve traveled more in these past few years than my entire lifetime!  I’m blessed to be partnered with Sandals & Beaches Resorts and try to go and see as many properties as I can so I can get to know the staff and experience the resort first hand.  Now I travel to lots of conferences throughout the US but honestly I feel the safest traveling outside of the country…. Crazy right?

Not at all!  I’m just smart about my travels and you can too!  Here’s some of my travel tricks & tips to stay safe on your next adventure whether it’s local or my preference out of the country:

·         Book your travels through a TRAVEL AGENT or Certified Specialist!  It won’t cost you anything extra but they know the area, city/country and the resorts they are sending you to! 

Did you know I am Sandals & Beaches Silver Level Certified Specialist both in honeymoons, travel and destination weddings?  I’ve been to majority of the properties (hoping to see the few I haven’t in 2019)…and IF I didn’t love the property, know the staff, feel welcomed, comfortable and safe… I wouldn’t be partnered with them nor would I send people down to the Caribbean every month! 


I’ve never felt safer than when on property… why is that? Well, I contact the resort General Manager, Sales Team, Hotel Manager, and the Wedding Team prior to my arrival to let them know I’ll be on property and that I would personally love a tour of the property and that I want to meet any staff I haven’t met prior.  I already know all of the GM’s in the Caribbean because I’ve met them over lunch, dinners, meetings and Familiarization Trips (FAMS), so it’s easy for me to chat with them.  They also always know when one of my couples are headed their way because I want them to check in on them, get to know them and make my couples feel like the ROCKSTARS they are!  I also reach out to my couples’ butlers prior to their arrival also and get to know them…it’s just that extra step I do to make my couples’ guest experience stand out.

·         Although Sandals & Beaches offer a FREE shuttle to and from the airport, I usually pay a little extra and book a private transfer for those resorts further away.  This gives me again more one on one personal touches with the community and I book that through Island Routes.  This way they can assist me with luggage and teach me about the 
island culture along my journey to the resort if further than 
10-15 minutes from the airport. 


          Traveling to Jamaica…DEFINITELY book the Club Mobay Bundle Package! I will
       never travel through Jamaica without that!  As one of my couples this fall said: “I’m not sure what is better Club Mobay fast track through Jamaican customs or the fast track at Disney!?!?” ~Truth!  They greet you right after you get off the plane, they walk you through customs (private fast track line) by passing everyone else, they help with your luggage and take you to the Sandals lounge where you are greeted by the Sandals team awaiting your arrival.  Again I always book this for my couples through Island Routes.

      ·         I book all off resort excursions through Island Routes… there are soooo many adventures to experience while on an island!  Although the resorts offer free snorkeling and other fun activities & entertainment… it’s off of the resort you really get a feel for Island Life!  Just be smart and always book through your Travel Agent or while on resort with Island Routes so that they will be there for all of the transfers, adventures and you are among the safety of their staff the entire time. 

·         Be wise when selecting your room.  I have had some that loved a walkout to the beach…but just remember to keep your doors locked when you’re not close by (again safety first).  I have some that prefer a balcony higher up for better views and again safety reasons.  I’ve stayed in all levels of rooms, ground walkout, penthouse, luxury, club, butler and again…I’ve never felt uneasy or unsafe.  I just remember to lock all of my doors both balcony and my deadbolt prior to bedtime or while I’m in the shower (again safety first).

·         Plus I post about my adventures and check in with family and friends during my stay.  That’s really how my family and friends trust I’m safe.  I know it definitely calms my mom’s nerves when I post constantly!  (plus it helps me tell the story of that resort and usually couples and friends are asking me about that particular resort before I even get home…bonus!)

So use these few safety tips & tricks and you’ll have a blast on your next adventure. I personally can’t wait for my next trip back home away from home… until then I’m counting the days. AND if you need assistance in booking that adventure please feel free to reach out to me directly:

Direct cell: 910-617-2271


Military both active and veterans receive 10% discount

Firefighters that are part of the Union receive 10% discount

Sandals & Beaches offer a FREE night stay for Anniversaries (7 days or more)

Sandals & Beaches offers FREE weddings for 4 days or more

Beaches has an Autism Program that is AMAZING w/ Julia
~ask me for details~