Do you know anything about Caribbean Night? Sandals? How about destination weddings? Well you should attended this event in the future. It’s a really cool concept that will help you out if you’re undecided about your wedding plans or if you just need some vendors to help make your day as worry free as possible.

On one side this event is a chance for different vendors to connect through both networking and business opportunities. In another way it’s good for vendors to have other vendor’s business cards that way if a client needs a certain service the vendor can help lead you in the right direction! And who doesn’t love a little extra help from time to time.

For you the client, it’s a chance for you to sample products and get an idea of what you like, what you don’t like, and what services fit your needs the best. Our job and any vendor’s job is to always be honest with you the client. That way you know what you get for your money. 

It’s hard to sell a service for you can never really know what it is going to be like until you are reviving it. But this event and these vendors come set up tables and show you samples of past service. We sell customer service whether it be day of coordination, pipe and drape, photography, catering and so on. We get certified, go to school, etc to make sure we give you the true experience that you ask for! 

So make sure if there is ever a event for you to meet the vendors your thinking of working with go to it. You will have an amazing experience and maybe even find someone to make your day a little easier. I got a lot out of it as an intern! So for any future clients I may have or friends that need help with their upcoming event I would suggest this Caribbean Night of food, fun, and a little networking!