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Sandals Barbados and Sandals Royal Barbados

Looking for a True Caribbean Getaway? Barbados will take you deep down in the Southern Caribbean, just 250 miles northeast of South America. Barbados boasts 3000 hours of annual sunshine. One of our Favorite “Excursions” here is their scuba and the Local Friday Fish Fry downtown. Those are TWO MUST experiences when traveling to Barbados.

The BEST part about these two is that they are RIGHT beside one another, so it’s literally ONE large property. Stay at ONE & play at both! Sandals Barbados and Sandals Royal Barbados offer a total of 17 restaurants, 5 pools and 12 bars to enjoy on one beautiful beach!

Here’s the breakdown of the two properties in the Bahamas:

  • Sandals Royal Barbados, 222
  • Sandals Barbados, 280

A Few Barbados Fun Facts

BIG Need-To-Know Fact: Please note the wearing of camouflage or military apparel is illegal in Barbados and clothing will be confiscated and persons charged accordingly.

  • Cooled by constant trade winds, the average temperature is 86 degrees.
  • Even in the summertime, temps rarely top 90.
  • Barbados is far south that it’s actually below the Atlantic hurricane belt.
  • Warm, friendly and fun Bajans say, “Life didn’t begin in Barbados, we just perfected it!”
  • Explore the beaches, rolling countryside, charming villages, old sugar mills, and plantations that represent the colonial past of the island.
  • Shop in the capital city of Bridgetown.
  • Stay out late and experience the Bajan nightlife.
  • Easily island hop to St Lucia, Grenada and Antigua.
  • Please note that if you are traveling on smaller aircraft (especially if you are island hopping), restrictions will apply to the size and weight of your luggage. Travel light!
  • The official language of Barbados is English. This island is so English that its second name is “Little England”- and they drive on the left side of the road too.
  • Barbados is 21 miles long and 14 miles wide, with a total of 166 square miles.
  • The time zone is Eastern Caribbean, which is 1 hour ahead of EST in the winter and the same when we spring forward for daylight savings time.
  • They have their own currency, the Barbados dollar. US dollars are also widely accepted.
  • The capital city is Bridgetown.
  • The airport code is BGI.
  • Rihanna is from Barbados.
  • The name “Barbados” is derived from the bearded fig trees that once were abundant on the island.
Couple on Beach

Barbados Tours & Activities

  • Jolly Roger Lunch Cruise
  • Sun, Sand and Snorkeling Cruise
  • Ultimate Snorkel Tour & Bridgetown Shopping
  • Harbour Lights Night Out
  • Bajan Pirates Floorshow and Dinner Cruise
  • Harbor Lights Beach Extravaganza
  • Sea Safari
  • Rum & History Tour
  • Sunset Cocktail Cruise
  • Outback 4×4 Tours
  • Bajan Roots & Rhythms Dinner and Floor Show
  • Turtle Feeding Trip
  • Atlantis Submarine Tour
  • Island Tour
  • Starlight Dinner Cruise
  • Deep Sea Fishing
  • Bridgetown Shopping Tour
  • Andromeda Gardens & Welchman Hall Gully Nature Tour
  • Horseback Riding

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